• Dviračio kompiuteris SIGMA ROX 4.0 GPS White HR Set
  • Dviračio kompiuteris SIGMA ROX 4.0 GPS White HR Set
  • Dviračio kompiuteris SIGMA ROX 4.0 GPS White HR Set
  • Dviračio kompiuteris SIGMA ROX 4.0 GPS White HR Set
  • Dviračio kompiuteris SIGMA ROX 4.0 GPS White HR Set
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Dviračio kompiuteris SIGMA ROX 4.0 GPS White HR Set

  • Prekės kodas: COMP298-JW
  • Gamintojas: Sigma
  • Išparduota
  • 149.95€

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The ROX 4.0 GPS by SIGMA offers 30 features and user-friendliness on all your bike tours, so you can concentrate on the essentials: Having fun cycling! The extra large display reliably shows data such as altitude profile, speed, distance and training time. The ROX 4.0 bike computer can easily handle navigation instructions and e-bike pairing.


IMPORTANT information before buying: CADENCE/POWER functions REQUIRES SENSORS, which are not included and must be bought separately. SPEED/DISTANCE functions are based on GPS signal and it is as accurate as technology allows. Some areas may not be well covered by the GPS satellites, so accuracy can vary BASIC FUNCTIONS: Current/Average/Maximum Speed Distance Training time (net) Calories Time Text display available in 8 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech) STATUS FUNCTIONS: Current temperature Charge status of the device battery Compass TRAINING: Pre-installed sports apps: 1 Individually adjustable sports profiles: 1 (further sport profiles can be saved in the app) Individually adjustable training pages: up to 6 Individually adjustable number of training values per page: 3 Templates for training views: 1 Auto Pause HEART RATE FUNCTIONS: Current/Average/Maximum heart rate Maximum heart rate in % Intensity zones CADENCE FUNCTIONS (requires external cadence sensor): Current/Average/Maximum Cadence ALTITUDE MEASUREMENT: Current altitude Gradient (in %) Altitude graph Altitude uphill NAVIGATION FUNCTIONS: Turning instruction Back to the starting point (arrow navigation) Heading E-BIKE FUNCTIONS (only for compatible e-bike systems*): Range E-bike battery Human power vs. motor power Assistance level Lighting *Tip: You can find compatible e-bike systems here: https://rox.sigmasport.com/de/e-bike-compatibility/ DATA ANALYSIS: SIGMA DATA CENTER (download & system requirements: https://sigma-download.com/ ) SIGMA RIDE app (further information: https://rox.sigmasport.com/de/produkt/ride-app/ ) Memory (internal): up to 100 hrs. Training: Data format: .fit Technical information: Housing material: plastic Dimension: approx. 44.9 x 73.6 x 18.4 mm (W x L x H) GPS functionality: integrated Supported satellites: GPS, GLONASS Barometric altitude measurement Ambient light sensor Waterproof rating: IPX7 Battery: 550 mAh (Li Ion), 3.7 V (rechargeable) Display size: 2.4" Resolution: 59 x 23 pixels (main display) Display colours: 2 Display technology: transflective Backlight: yes Battery life: up to 25 hrs. Connectivity: ANT+, BLE Smart notifications: yes E-bike ready: yes Weight: approx. 51 g Includes: 1 SIGMA Sport ROX 4.0 bike computer 1 SIGMA Sport GPS butler mount 1 x R1 DUO heart rate sensor with Comfortex+ chest strap 1 USB-C charging/data cable 1 quick start manual READY TO GO AT ANY TIME! The ROX 4.0 bike computer is positioned directly on the handlebars in just a few simple steps - without any cables or sensors. If you want, you can pair your ROX 4.0 with additional sensors to measure speed, heart rate and cadence. Once switched on, your ROX determines your position within seconds using GPS and GLONASS. Just use the three intuitive buttons to start cycling right away. The SIGMA RIDE app also lets you individually choose the display view. LARGE DISPLAY The high-contrast display is very easy to read even while driving due to its 2.4 inch diagonal and the extra-large digits. RED CIRCLE The innovative Red Circle at the top right of the display has a coloured background and offers you an innovative display of your training data. EVERYTHING IN SIGHT The SIGMA RIDE app allows you to set your individual display view. Choose from six different views with three values each. The current speed and time are always shown on the display. BEST MEASUREMENTS You need even more data or even higher accuracy for your values? Thanks to ANT+ and BLE, you can also pair external sensors such as speed, heart rate and cadence sensors with your ROX 4.0. HIGH ALTITUDE A highlight of the ROX 4.0 is the integrated air pressure sensor. With the help of this barometric measurement, it reliably provides information about the altitude, determines inclines and declines, for a precise recording of your route. You can also view a graphic altitude profile on the ROX 4.0. The starting altitude at the beginning of the tour can be calibrated automatically via GPS or you can set your altitude manually. PIONEER Connect your ROX 4.0 to the komoot app and leave your smartphone in your pocket. Get turn-by-turn directions on your ROX 4.0 using the komoot app. Show them either as an arrow on the display or inside the red circle. The coloured bars within the red circle on the display count down the distance to the next turn. The closer you get to the turn, the fewer bars are shown. Next to the circle, you will also see how many metres are left until the next turn. E-BIKE READY On the road with your e-bike? No problem. The ROX 4.0 is e-bike ready and can be easily paired with a large variety of e-bikes. Your GPS bike computer connects to a compatible e-bike system and shows you the current support level, battery status, light and other data on the display. You can find compatible e-bike systems here: https://rox.sigmasport.com/de/e-bike-compatibility/ FOR DATA COLLECTORS With the SIGMA RIDE app you can transfer your training data via BLE to your smartphone, collect your training data and set your favourite display views on your smartphone. The most important data and statistics can be read and conveniently analysed in real time on your smartphone with the SIGMA RIDE apps LIVE feature. STAY TUNED Smart notifications will keep you connected to the outside world even while cycling. They notify you about incoming calls and messages on your smartphone via an icon on the display.

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